Welcome to South Loop Montessori School!


Located steps from the Downtown Loop in the historic Dearborn Station at the intersection of Polk and Dearborn Streets, South Loop Montessori School is a private Chicago Montessori school that aims to meet the academic, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs of children 2 to 6 years of age.  We have adopted the Montessori philosophy as our way of life and we use the Montessori Method to help us achieve our goals.  We believe strongly that our students’ daily school experience should be a happy and rewarding one. Eagerness to learn, learning for the joy of learning and wanting to know as much about their world as possible is what we believe are invaluable qualities that we can instill in our children. Please call or email us, or click on Contact Us, to schedule a tour of South Loop Montessori School and become acquainted with our Montessori way of life.


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